Living portraits

The “Living portraits” exhibit is a digital installation shared by five Gaspésie museums. A series of digital screens showing portraits have been installed at each museum, where – with their real frames – they blend into the decor. At first glance, they are simply a series of static portraits. But when the visitor pushes the plaque to start the video, the people in the portraits begin to move and interact; they even move from one frame to the next. And in doing so, they share the history of the Gaspé Peninsula in a playful, modern way. Visitors can choose to listen in English or in French.


Each of the five digital exhibits tells the tale of an individual who once spent time here: explorer Jacques Cartier (Musée de la Gaspésie), archaeologist Pierre Nadon ((Parc du Bourg de Pabos), Acadian Marguerite Bujold (Musée acadien du Québec), businessman Charles Robin (Site historique du Banc-de-pêche-de-Paspébiac) and merchant John Le Boutillier (Manoir Le Boutillier).

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